Exercise Referral

The right approach to exercise can alleviate problems associated with many health conditions

Many conditions can be improved by exercise, reducing the need for pain killers partially or even completely.

With the right program, guidance and step by step help you can improve your daily life by getting moving again.

Benefits Outweigh The Risks

The benefits of physical activity for people living with long-term conditions are
well established.  For people living with stable long term conditions, the far-reaching benefits of physical activity outweigh associated risks

The fear of making a long term condition worse by physical activity is certainly a barrier to exercising preventing the sufferer from attempting many activities which leads to reconditioning and ultimately can make long term conditions worse.

How it works

I run a 12 week program focussing on improving your mindset towards physical activity. focussing on the following fundamental areas.

  • Mobility

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Cardio fitness