PREHAB is better than REHAB

Get on track and stay on track with your injury rehab

Do the right things, at the right time, to get back running

When it comes to running injuries we see that they are mostly over use injuries, running is a very repetitive action so over time injuries can occur simply by doing too much.  How we train, how much we train and not balancing this with enough recovery can lead to overuse injuries.

When the load placed on the tissues exceeds the tissues capacity to take the load, injuries happen. Therefore, placing more load on the tissue than it can carry is bad.  We can deal with this by either reducing the load, i.e. reducing the distance or the intensity of our running, or we increase the tissue capacity to take the load we want it to take.  The best approach is a bit of both, at times we need tor educe the distance and intensity of our running, but at the same time build our strength so when we increase the miles and intensity again we don't break down.

This is where prehab comes in, the 'get fit to run 'rather than just 'run to get fit'. Strength training is an important part of running, ask any elite athlete and they will tell you that their training program includes strength training, but specific strength training.

Sometimes we still get injured, it's not possible to completely avoid injuries no matter how hard we try.  This is when you need a sports injury rehab specialist to guide you through the process of returning to running or other sports of course.


Working with you through all the steps and process to get back running

Injury management plan and monitoring

Successful injury rehab relies on adhering to the program with the right exercise progressions at the right time

I will work with you to ensure this happens so that you get back to running successfully


Build strength so your tissues can tolerate the load that running places on them

Identify what you need to stay injury free

Improve joint range of motion

Sports Massage

Sports massage as part of injury rehab.

Pre or post event sports massage.

Kinesiology taping for those little injuries and strains, allowing you to continue to run & train.