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What is the most intimidating experience life has to throw at you?

According to a survey by fitness equipment brand Opti, British people actually find going to the gym to be the most intimidating thing one can do. The survey also found that over 57 per cent of us will have set ourselves the goal of losing weight and getting fit this year, blaming a lack of time and the expense only a quarter will last a fortnight.

However, the need to exercise regularly becomes more important as we hit our 40s, with a number of physiological and hormonal changes during this decade that can cause loss of muscle, reduction in bone quality and loss of functional capacity. As a result it therefore becomes a whole lot more important to stick to the fitness goals you set yourself

The answer, get a personal trainer with a studio or other set up where you can get a proper workout with all the equipment you would need. Someone who will be able to coach you and train you while also protecting other injuries and aches and strains etc. With a combination of dumbbells, sandbags, resistance bands and suspension trainer using body weight I can give you that resistance workout which is so beneficial for our bodies as we age.

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