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What Running Shoes Are Best For Me?

There is a temptation to have a free gait analysis which some running shoe shops offer. Whilst it is undeniable that having a gait analysis is a good idea, it is questionable whether this should be done solely for the purpose of selecting which shoes one should wear for running.

Apparently 70% of runners pronate, if that were the case then perhaps pronation is normal? Shoe shops and shoe manufacturers would have you believe this is bad and will lead to injuries, therefore you should wear corrective running shoes.

What is the most important aspect of a running shoe? is it one that makes you run faster? is it one that corrects your over pronation or under pronation (supination)? I suggest it should be neither of these, the most important thing to consider when buying running shoes is………… comfort, yes that’s it, find a pair of shoes that fit right, that are comfortable and don’t give you blisters.

Training error is thought to be responsible for 60-70% of running injuries (Neilsen et al. 2012). Saragiotto, B and Yamato, T. (2014) conducted a systematic review of the main risk factors for running related injuries, running shoes were not mentioned and therefore it could be said is not a factor to consider.

So the answer to the question is that the best shoes for you are the most comfortable, not necessarily the ones the correct your foot strike.

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