A Dynamic Warm-Up to Prepare for a Strength Training Session

  • Walking Heel to Toe

10 reps each leg.  Walk with an exaggerated heel to toe motion, move through maximum range of movement from heel to toe.​

  • Walking Deadlifts

10 reps (5 each leg)  Take a step forward with your left leg, bend down while keeping your left leg fairly straight and touch your left toes with both hands.  Keep your left leg slightly bent and your right leg parallel to the floor. Your right leg and your torso will be parallel to the floor.  Repeat on your other leg.

  • Knee Hugs

10 reps: (5 each leg) Raise you knee like a high knee drill, then pull it to your chest

  • Groiners

20 reps:  (10 each side)  Sit on the ground with feet shoulder with apart and close you you so your heels are on the ground. rotate side to side so your knees go to the ground.

  • Donkey Kicks

10 reps each side.  In a table position with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips, kick your foot back like you’re trying to push the ceiling higher. Swing your leg back underneath your body without letting your knee touch the ground and repeat.

  • Mountain Climbers

10 reps with knees inside elbows, 20 reps with knees outside elbows

  • Iron Cross

10 reps:   Lie on your back with your arms out to your sides and swing your right leg across your torso and up to  your left hand. Make sure to keep your shoulders flat against the ground, but you can rotate your torso and hips as you swing your leg toward your hand. Repeat the same movement for the left leg

  • Leg Swings

10 reps:  as full a range of motion as you can forwards and backwards.

  • Lateral Leg Swings

10 reps:  Side to side across your body.  Slow the movement down to maintain balance​


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