Improve your 5k time or even just to get from the couch to a 5k?

Want to do your first half marathon or even full marathon?

Is it time to get that PB you've been struggled to achieve?

Elite athletes train with a plan, so why shouldn't you.

trust the process

the goals will take care of themselves

As YOUR coach I will keep you motivated and on track, and help you to do all the things you know you should do by doing all the planning so all you do is run.

Improving your running requires getting out of your comfort zone and extending yourself.  This needs doing in a controlled way with focus and doing the right sessions at the right times as determined by your goals.

Focussing your training and recovery, which is so often neglected, at the right times according to your race or event schedule is easier done when someone else is directing this, the biggest mistake runners make in marathon training is arriving on the start line fatigued after cramming extra miles in late on thinking they haven't done enough.  As you coach I can help guide you away from the common mistakes and training errors.

Training Plans

If you don't want coaching but would like some guidance & help to structure your training, no problem, we will work together, assessing where you're at, where you want to be (being realistic with that goal) and create a training plan tailor for you.

A bespoke, structured training plan designed to work around your life is the first step. Whether you want to run your first 5k, 10k half marathon, first marathon or your 50th I can help you create the right plan to hit your target.


Do you want to nail a new PB? One of the the main reasons for getting running injuries is poor progression, doing too much, too soon, too fast. A training plan will eliminate that........if you stick to it!

Running Analysis

Running form, technique, gait and posture can play a valuable role in managing running injury as part of a comprehensive treatment programme, as well as helping to reduce the likelihood of incurring running injuries.

A poor running style places unnecessary stress on your joints. Improving your running style over a period of time will waste less energy and enhance running economy. Strength training will improve your performance, this becomes even more effective if limbs are placed corrected through the gait cycle. 

Whether you are a fore foot, mid foot or heel striker is not as important as some think, where your foot strikes the ground relative to your body does.

Don't Know Where to Start?

No problem, we all have to start somewhere, My couch to 5k will keep you motivated to reach your goal as I work with you every step of the way, literally.


Perhaps you've nailed that 5k and want to go further? I can work with you along your journey to 10k, half marathon, or marathons and beyond.


I'll work with you every step of the way, maybe not literally!!