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Your comfort zone is a

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nothing grows there.

Research suggests that strength training can improve running performance and economy.  A strength & conditioning coach, who is also a running coach and a runner who understands the demands of running, the needs of a runner and how to fit it all together can help you to get the most out of your running, whatever your level and regardless of what your goals may be.

S&C for Runners

We run to get fit, but we also need to get fit to run.  With specific strength training you can your improve running economy and performance, and increase your muscular strength and endurance.

Personal Fitness Coach

Strength training benefits everyone, especially as we get older.  So even if you're not a runner with running goals you can still benefit from having your own personal fitness coach working with you to achieve your goals. Maybe this is simply to Improve your health and fitness.  I will work with you keeping you motivated and on track with expert support and guidance.

What are you training for?

Knowing what strength training to do and when to do this in your training program is not easy to figure out.  As you see below there are a number of ways in which strength training works

  1. 3 sets of 10 reps? sometimes yes sometimes no

  2. Whatever you're training for you need to decide what the goal is before deciding what training you' need to do.  

  3. Then decide what you need to train and how.

  4. Then it's when do you train it?

  5. Whether it's max Strength, Power, Hypertrophy or Muscular Endurance you need to do these at the right time in your training cycle.

  6. Just as you periodise you running training you also need to do the same for your strength training.