Testing   &  Monitoring

Test your training progress to find the areas where you're strong as well as where your weaknesses are
Monitor your training load to know when its ok to increase your training & when you need to back off and have some recovery
  1. Monitor training loads and intensity so you don't get injured by doing too much too soon too quick.

  2. Find the areas that need strengthening to avoid repeating the same mistakes

  3. We train the areas we enjoy training and neglect the areas that need attention, testing will identify those neglected areas

  4. See your training progress by regularly testing so you know it's working

  5. Are you equally strong left and right side?

Workout with Ropes

strength testing

Testing and monitoring strength

Know where you're strong & where you're weaker

Are you equally strong left and right?

Measuring Height


More than just height, weight and body fat percentage.  

Measuring and monitoring muscle imbalances to help you to target your training to where it is needed most

Jumping on Box

plyometric testing

Putting strength to movement

How good are you at getting on & off the ground quickly

Hows your jumping, hopping etc

Anatomical Model


VO2 max testing

Bleep test

Fitness testing and monitoring of training loads